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14 May 2014 @ 08:13 pm
Bakuman Post!  
I've been having internet connection problems lately. Every time I try to post something lengthy, lj comes up with different errors. I actually have both wordpress and blogger accounts (I haven't opened them for the longest time, I wonder if they still exist. XD) but I always come back to lj. It just holds a special place in my fangirl heart.

Speaking of fangirling, Bakuman! is finally making it's way to 3D, I mean real life. lol When I was reading the manga I always thought that this would translate well in live-action. It's slice-of-life so it's easier to adapt rather than fantasy and high-action mangas like Death Note and Rurouni Kenshin. Also, it would also be really cool if they managed to film at the actual Shueisha office. :3

Just a day before the announcement, the rumor spread like wild fire across twitter and I guess their way to contain it was to confirm the filming the next day. Ryuu's name has always been attached to Bakuman, being a huge fan himself, he said he wanted to voice the anime version 4-5 years ago. Having said that, he has always been fan casted by Japanese fans as Mashiro and by some as Takagi and even Niizuma Eiji. When the news was actually confirmed, I couldn't contain my happiness. This kid finally got what he wished. Actually, he's been lucky with his wishes (Seta Soujirou, delinquent role, expanding his range to action etc.). Someone (or group) in the entertainment world really listens to him. lol

Anyhow, I'm extremely happy that this kid got what he wanted. :) This kid also got me to read the manga when I read his interview in the first place and I'm glad I did, it turned out to be one of my favorite mangas. My friend, cie_chan actually managed to get her wish as well, in reference to this post. lol Personally, I would have liked to see Ryuu play Niizuma Eiji because the character has such an interesting personality. It's something that he hasn't done before but he will still deliver with either Mashiro and Takagi. I'm actually happy that he got Shuujin and he looks the part despite the height. Haha! :P

What came as a surprise was Sato Takeru playing Mashiro. Initially, I was very happy when I heard that they were working together again. I love these two together and separately. It makes fangirling a lot easier when they're together. lol The initial image released looked good, imo. However, when I actually saw the news clips Takeru looked obviously older than Ryuu especially in scenes where they had to stand beside each other. Add to the fact that he looked tired after finishing filming his spring drama, Bitter Blood, just a day before Bakuman was announced. So I can't help but think that Takeru is such a strange choice for Mashiro. Having watched him for years, he'll be able to pull this off.

After having read various reactions on the casting, mostly people saying it's reversed (Kamiki should be Saikou and Takeru should be Shuujin) and that Amuse had to pull strings behind the scenes for Takeru to be the lead and that he's being over-pushed, it made me wonder what the people behind the casting thought when they decided for these two. I think that they considered Takeru's international appeal/ international audience from the Rurouni Kenshin films to add to Bakuman's popularity. They maybe intending to release the movie overseas. Although, it wouldn't have hurt to cast a new face for the international audience to see. I do appreciate that the two actors went to the roles they were least expected to be.

I can't believe this post had gotten this long. lol To cut the long story short, I'm looking forward to see how this turns out.
The adaptation will be handled by One Hitoshi, the same director that did Moteki and Mahoro Ekiben series. I like these two works from him and they have great music too. So, I'm looking forward to seeing his take on Bakuman. Hopefully, this optimism doesn't turn into disappointment next year. lol *fingers crossed*

Also,  I don't want to post my fan cast as I end up jinxing them lol. I have a few actors in mind for specific roles but I'll just wait then react. :D

I haven't really caught up with my spring dramas. I'll just make a batch post for the first impressions. It should be out soon. ^^;