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08 November 2013 @ 04:19 pm
I know I'm very late in posting about dramas but this one I had to. :D

Ever since the SPEC series ended, there were just some loose ends that weren't addressed especially that of the actual beginning of the story. So I was very excited when they announced that there will be a prequel SP.

First, let me just mourn the death of Mayama-kun from Keizoku. T^T

In my head cannon, he is happily married to Shibata, who is now the Head of the police force.

When this part was tackled in the SP, I had to pause for a while because I was shocked that they went there. I thought the guy won't ever be killed, esp. in action. Ahh~ I'm so sad for my Keizoku OTP.

[Adding these beautiful gifs to this post~]

Anyway, I enjoyed the brief Keizoku connection albeit, I got a sad surprise. It would have been better if it was Shibata who showed up to inform Touma about the mystery behind her family's death like what happened in the manga but yeah, it was impossible to have Nakatani Miki come back so at least, Kondo-san was there.

But, Shibata's coat and scarf cameo-d and it made me really happy, it was really cool to see it still intact after more than a decade. XD

Moving back to SPEC~Rei~, here are a few random thoughts:

> I didn't think that the way to the Mishou Department was insanely long. lol

> I enjoyed that brief meeting between Touma and Sebumi. XD

> This moment was brief but I found it really funny that Kase Ryo was dressed up as a girl to be Sebumi's mom. looool XD

> The back story between the Touma siblings was really messed up. If I didn't really care for Chii in the series, the SP made me loathe him with a passion. lol His motive is still vague to me though.

> Honestly, I didn't really care for the actual case they were chasing. XD I was just looking forward to seeing Toma and Ninomae's confrontation. It didn't help that Kawashima Umika's acting here fell flat. Kamiki just acted circles around her in their scene. Dark dramas doesn't suit her.

> Also, I was glad to find out the reason behind Toma's signature thinking method.

> I found that Ninomae's actions here are much more childish and aggressive and he is more ruthless but it was good to know that he still has a human side after all. We saw glimpses of this in the series but it was awesome that he said this line.

> Sebumi's relationship with the Shimura siblings was really cute. I wish we got to see more. :(

> Toda is really a very good actress glad to see her skills being used well in the series. SPEC truly is her signature work so her recent roles still makes me disappointed. (I'm looking at you Summer Nude. She was really cute there but she deserves better, c'mon don't you guys agree?).

Also, I still have a few questions [SPOILERS AHEAD!] as I feel like they weren't really answered in this prequel:

> In Touma and Ninomae's stand off shouldn't Ninomae receive a bigger damage when he was in the middle of an explosion? I mean he was literally in a ring of fire and couldn't get out of it.

> The confrontation with Sebumi and Shimura, I felt that it was still vague in the series. I was actually looking forward to see the reason behind or who was directly responsible on what prompted Shimura to shoot Sebumi.

> AND WHO THE HELL KILLED MAYAMA-SAN? How/When/Where was he killed? (lol my priorities) It was hinted by Kondo-san that the enemies are also in the police, is the person who killed Mayama directly involved with what happened to Shimura?

> Also, why didn't Tsuda show up? I guess, Shiina Kippei was just too busy. XD

But yeah, this is SPEC we're talking about (lol) so there are times were you'd have to turn off your brain. Or maybe some of these questions will still be answered in the upcoming movie especially if Sekai and Jun are involved. Yeah, not even gonna bother to think of theories for the movie. I'll just have to sit here and wait patiently. XD

Overall, the SP was very fun to watch. The dark humor was still there and the chemistry with all the cast members were still intact. The acting within the core characters (Today, Kase, Ryu, Kamiki) was very solid. This SP was very essential to the series so it's a must watch especially if you liked the series. If you were turned off by SPEC~Sho and/or SPEC~Ten, I think that SPEC~Rei is still worth a shot. I believe it's harmless especially because it is a prequel.

I know my post sounds like it should have been posted in tumblr but I miss posting here soo... :D
Apple: Irie *thinks*felixkeep on November 9th, 2013 02:42 pm (UTC)
have watched it too, its as usual a spec-tacular show :D

i missed gyoza after seeing so much gyoza once again ~
Kat: satoshi-chan♥kat_desu on November 10th, 2013 07:21 am (UTC)