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01 August 2013 @ 05:55 pm
It's finally confirmed!  
I really felt the need to flail here in lj because  reblogging stuff over at tumblr isn't enough and I feel more comfortable posting here. XD

It has been confirmed! Finally!
(I want to read their comments. I hope we get a bigger scan soon!)

To be honest, I'm not surprised Ryuu-bb was chosen. lol Since I had a feeling it will be him all along so when the news came out, my happiness was rooted from relief that finally I'm freed from thinking who will end up portraying Soujiro on screen. He was very vocal about wanting to play the role since 2011 and I'm pretty sure he'll nail it. I hope that Director Ootomo will give him a hard time in his scenes because I want him to blow everyone away and just completely slay especially since he wanted this *doS neechan*. >:))

I'm happier and more surprised with the fact that Iseya Yusuke is in this. Ever since someone suggested that he'd be the perfect Shishio he instantly became my 2nd choice for the role (I wanted Ando Masanobu then Kase Ryo as my third choice XD). When the role of Shishio was announced, I was disappointed that it went to Fujiwara Tatsuya. I really wanted Ando for the role, okay? XD Back to Iseya, he'd make an awesome Aoshi no doubt about that. I have the urge to rewatch Casshern. lol

Anyway, I hope the rest of the Juppongatana would be announced as well as Makimichi Misao. I want Ohgo Suzuka as Misao (badly) but if she's not chosen, I hope she gets Tomoe instead she'll slay either way. XD

I almost forgot Yumi-san. XD I have a few actresses in mind. Koike Eiko was my top choice next was Maki Youko then Ono Machiko. sophiapiaya suggested Kojima Hijiri would be a great choice too. I think any of these women would be perfect. I hope one of them gets Yumi-san.

Okay, that was short. XD Third post in a week! I'm progressing slowly. XD