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17 October 2013 @ 03:45 pm
Spring 2013 Conclusion~ XD  
Hey! I'm still alive! XD How's everyone? I hope you're all fine. I have been silent for quite sometime. RL stuff were piling up so I didn't have time to post something in the past few weeks. I know this is really late but if you guys are still interested in reading my thoughts on Spring 2013 dramas, feel free to read~ :3

Galileo 2

Comparatively, this season has been subpar from the first one. However, I still think that this drama was watchable. Well, because I like Yuriko's character, Kishitani. I like that she stands up for herself though I must admit, there were still moments where I found her annoying but all in all, I thought that she was still a fresh addition. I also enjoyed her banter with Kuribayashi-san and with her partner. Chemistry-wise, I think the writers gave up on making Kishitani a love interest for Yukawa. lol Masha and Yuriko just emitted a senpai-kouhai vibe and nothing more so yeah, I'm glad that they gave up trying towards the end (or at least I think they gave up lol) because some scenes were cringe-worthy, imo. I also loved that the drama gave more focus to Kuribayashi-san and his relationship with Yukawa-sensei. They were totally adorable.

Galileo XX Utsumi Kaoru Saigo no Jiken (SP)

This drama SP was sooooo much better than the actual series that I think I should have written a separate post for it. lol. Anyway, for starters, I thought that the case was so much more confusing than any of the cases in the drama. The twists and turns would really keep you glued to the screen. Although the SP didn't have a lot of Yukawa-sensei, it was very nice to be able to see more of Utsumi and what's going on with her personal life. The cast all did a great job and I enjoyed the cameos. It was really nice to see the old characters with the new ones. I thought that the guest stars were really good especially Santamaria Yusuke. Special shout out to Yagira Yuya! It was really nice to see him again in something. Hopefully, he gets to work in more dramas and eventually lead on his own. He deserves it. The way the SP was shot felt a lot closer to a watching movie and the pacing was really good. I also liked the way this prequel was tied closely to the first episode of Season 2.

Overall, season 2 is watchable but clearly, the drama SP was tons better. Still, if you have doubts that you will enjoy the drama because of various factors *coughcertainactor/ressinvolvedcough*, I suggest skip the second season and watch the SP instead. I'm still looking forward to Manatsu no Houteishiki since it looks promising.


Kamo, Kyoto e iku.

A lot of people were put off by the first episode because Kamo was annoying but as the series progress she did change. It's not surprising but the way it was executed was really good, imo. For me, the driving factor of this drama was Shiina Kippei as I have really enjoyed his portrayal of Kinugawa-san but the other cast members delivered as well, most especially the veterans. The drama brought a lot of heart-warming moments and the setting is very beautiful. I think that this drama was one of the underrated dramas in spring.

Kazoku Game

I definitely think that this drama is definitely the most interesting and if not, the-drama-that-would-cause-you-the-most-stress-while-watching of the season (lol). The final episode gave a predictable happy ending but I guess, from everything that the Numata family had been through, they deserved it. The final confrontation scene between Shinichi and Yoshimoto was what made the finale strong. Kamiki was able to shine most especially in the last few minutes, finally *I fist pumped at his scenes XD*. I have said this many times but I really wasn't confident in Sho's acting but he proved that he can act an insane character like Yoshimoto. Although I did that think he had scenes where he overacted but the times where he was just creepy and crazy was done really well. The supporting cast also did a good job. Suzuki Honami was perfect. Itao Itsuji and Uragami Seishuu did a great job. I'm really looking forward to Seishuu's next project. Kutsuna Shiori had a very challenging role and I think that the last few episodes justified why her character was like that from the beginning, albeit she was a bit weak in the earlier episodes. Overall, the acting in the series left a very good impression to me.

The writing was very consistent in keeping the story interesting. However, I did think that episodes 8 & 9 could have been compressed or that they should have kept from showing the flashback scenes in the earlier episodes because when it came to the reveal, it wasn't as surprising and I felt that the episode dragged. Still, this drama gave a good and exciting run and would probably put one (well, at least I was lol) in a roller coaster of emotions ranging from being enraged to depressed to moved. It's just quite stressful to watch this on a weekly basis so doing a marathon would be the best choice. Haha~


Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

This drama is probably spring season's dark horse, for me. Why? Because it just catches you off guard. I really thought it'll be cliche and very predictable but slowly, it'll suck you in the story with it's adorable characters and a solid storyline. I also loved that they didn't push for a love triangle and that the situations the characters were in was realistic. I really loved the character development in the drama. Each character's growth was prevalent in each episode. Ayano Go and Aragaki Yui showed that they have a great chemistry. The supporting actors all did a very good job, they all have great chemistry. I especially loved Shibata Kohei's Sagisaka because every scene he's in was 10x more awesome. I teared up on the final scene with the Blue Impulse and it's meaning to the victims of the Tsunami

I can still go on about the things that I liked about this drama but to keep things short, just go and watch it. If not, you're missing one of the most enjoyable dramas from spring. It's absolutely a must watch especially for people who likes the romance genre.

In conclusion, I have two must watch renzokus for spring 2013: Kazoku Game and Soratobu no Kouhoushitsu. Oh yeah, and Kogure Shashinkan (only 4 episodes but it's worth watching as I mentioned in my previous Spring drama post XD), so that makes it 3 dramas. XD Btw, I haven't finished Amachan, since I'm still waiting for the remaining weeks to be subbed. :3 Do watch it though because it's really fun. :D

P.S. I don't exactly remember when I dropped 35sai no Koukousei lol but I plan to pick it up some other time because I still like a few actors involved in the series (there are quite a handful of talented people in this drama) however, the execution of the drama itself was very predictable and it follows the same formula of almost all the school dramas that I found the episodes boring. I did read that it picked up the pace somewhere around the 7th episode? But I think that picking up the pace at episode 7 is a little too late. The interest is just not there anymore for me, sadly.

Also, I haven't finished the summer dramas in my list so I'll just make one big post for them one day. XD

Thank you for reading. :3
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lontongstroonglontongstroong on November 2nd, 2013 11:19 am (UTC)
Hi Kat, sashiburi!! Nice insight to the past season, unfortunately Galileo 2 turned me of since the 1st episode and I have no interest in romance dramas. Haven't see Kazoku Game, though.

I totally agree with your opinion toward 35 Years Old Koukousei, I'd like to add a fact that it is the directing which brought the drama down (alongside the already abysmal script). How come very good young talents like Yukito, Erina Mizuno and even Matsuoka played so awful in the show? That must be the directors who are at fault! Moreover, I am cursing this drama for its very forceful approach to teach the so-called moral lesson to the audience, it's like trying so hard to make them cry while it actually shouldn't. Had it executed in more refined, smarter way like in Suzuki Sensei, it might work better.

Finally finished Amachan, the last arc (Homecoming story arc) wasn't as good as the first 130 episodes but overall it was satisfying watch. Nonsense...err Nounen (LOL it's funny because her name rhymes) displayed very good performance and she can portray nice range of emotions, I think she is one of those genius youngsters up there. She reminds me of younger Ueno Juri, they share same acting style, though Nounen is more a "subtle" actor and Ueno is more versatile and much an "intensity"-type of actor instead. I hope she doesn't waste her her talent with bad role choices (damn, I hate seeing a number of talented actors do not reach their full potential due to this) and try more diverse roles to break out her Amano Aki typecast.

Anyway, have you joined MyDramaList (MDL)? Lots of Asia drama fans to talk and discuss with, not mentioning its capability to list shows one already have watched. You can check it out here:

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Katkat_desu on November 4th, 2013 07:44 am (UTC)
Hi! *waves* It's been a while! You should try Galileo SP. I really thought that it's loads better than the entirety of season 2. XD

Yeah, I agree in 35-sai's directing. It's such a waste on a handful of talented young stars. It seems like they didn't really know what to do with them. :(
it's like trying so hard to make them cry while it actually shouldn't

Thanks for your input on Amachan! I'm looking forward to finish watching and I'm already preparing myself for the Homecoming Arc. lol I read that the new asadora Gouchisosan is actually doing better than Amachan so I'll probably check it out as well. :D

I agree on Nounen resembling young Ueno Juri and their style. She just needs more experience and her agency better be wise in choosing roles for her.
I hate seeing a number of talented actors do not reach their full potential due to this
YES. I agree.

I don't have an account in but I have one in ( lol I guess I should make one at too. XD
lontongstroonglontongstroong on November 4th, 2013 03:00 pm (UTC)
Gouchisousan is on my plan to watch list, I've also heard that it is superb and I am a foodie as well so I might enjoy this one :D. However I'm worried my HD got blown up due to overloading after storing entire 156 episodes of Amachan LOL.

I joined the old but it is too campy and looked unprofessional, so I switched to the dot com one.

OMG I forgot to tell you I watched Saito-san. The subtitles have been coming soooo slow (it's on episode 5 out of 10) and the bad thing about the drama is Kiritani's acting. She can't live up the expectation of becoming Mimura's subtitution (Mimura was playing Saito's partner in Season 1). Still watching because Matsuoka is in it though. I'm curious about this kid.

Kat: nodamechargekat_desu on November 4th, 2013 10:15 pm (UTC)
My HD is also full because of Amachan. lol I expect Gouchisosan to keep me hungry. XD

Yeah, it looks old. I haven't updated my list for quite some time. XD
I'll join the new one.

I'll check Saito-san out! Thank you for the recommendation! Matsuoka definitely has potential. I can't wait to see more of her soon. :D

Edited at 2013-11-04 10:16 pm (UTC)
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