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19 December 2011 @ 01:15 pm
11 nin mo iru! Episode 9 FINALE part 2~  
Because I got traumatized by lj.. lol! it might say that this post is too heavy... so I cut it up in to two parts again... XD Part 1 is right HERE.

♥Kazuo and Soara got married in fall... Hiroyuki is dressed as the minister. rofl! and We get to learn the baby's name... "Hajime" KazuRa looked so cute and adorable... and blissfully married~ and Hajime-kun is sooo cuuuuuute and squishy!!!!! They go off on their two-day honeymoon... on bikes. XD While the family decides to roam around Tokyo (Hiroyuki wanted to come but he has work. XD)... Ghost!mama Megumi is left with the chores, the electricity falters she flips the breaker and goes to sleep... the breaker then sparks and the glove that Ghost!mama used caught the fire and falls in to the diapers.

♥At the Tokyo tower they see a huge smoke coming from a far and thinks its a pity for those who got affected by the fire (they didn't know it was their house. XD). Hiroyuki is the first one to get in to the scene but the fire is already huge... Kazuo & Soara comes back from their honeymoon and Kazuo remembers that Ghost!mama Megumi is still inside (we see her picture and hear her crying)... but there is nothing he could do since the fire is already really huge, (the scene is just heartbreaking.)

♥The family is playing with Hajime-kun... when Minoru receives a call from Hiroyuki telling them the bad news... we then get to see everyone staring at their house. The family is now on the road.. they got the bus through fire insurance and they travel all over Japan to sing songs about the warmth/importance of a family (the aphorisms at every episode)... first stop is the home for the aged where they were reunited with Hiroyuki's boss (Sato Jiro. lol Minoru greets him "Hajimemashite" pertaining that its the first time they met... but we all know they didn't as Hiroyuki's Boss pointed out. XD) and Kazuo, Soara + Hajime (so cuute and squishy!!!).

♥Satsuki is also reunited with Takuro as she transfers to his school but gets broken-hearted when she finds out that he has a girlfriend. We get to hear everyone sing their own aphorism... Ryoko's voice is so cute~♥ Although Saigo says he hasn't seen Ghost!Megumi since the fire... (I think he can hear her singing?)

♥The last stop is at the beach... We get to see Minoru waiting for the sunrise... he is joined by Kazuo and Living!Megumi... Minoru tells them his plans to publish a photobook because taking pictures is the only thing that he is good at... while Living!Megumi tells them that she'll continue to cook... Minoru confirms that Kazuo is now studying again... Kazuo says yes and tells them that Soara is pregnant again. lol! Minoru & Living!Megumi gets shocked since Hajime is still small but Kazuo says that he's fine since he is like his dad after all (yay! for acceptance!).XD Niko & Mitsuko joins them later and they see the beautiful sunrise... Niko asks Mistuko to go call everyone and everyone saw the sunrise together. They then go to take a family picture... when Saigo hears Megumi's voice calling him. :3
loooooove this scene soo much!!!! its sooo beautiful~♥

♥The ending shows Hiroyuki teasing(?) Kazuo and Kazuo coming home with a copy his father's published photobook waiting for him at the desk he opens the photobook and he and Soara looks at the pictures inside... he then closed the photobook and notices something on the cover page... THERE ARE ELEVEN PEOPLE AT THE COVER AND GHOST!MAMA MEGUMI IS THERE!!!! (I cried and jumped out of joy~) She is happily smiling at the cover with everyone... and Kazuo is surprised~♥

♥The Sanada family ends up having a travel documentary because of the success of the photobook... the documentary replaces Dynamic Papa's time slot. XD While, Dynamic Family laughs at them for being poor... Dynamic Papa turns off the TV and the drama ends. :(

I may not be able to understand the whole episode 100% but it touched me deeply. Most especially the song and the people they were singing it to. The Sanada family might be "homeless" and unstable but they are happy just being together. This drama holds a special place in my heart since I value the importance if family the most. I may not be living in a big family like the Sanadas but the message that a family will always be a family deeply touched me. This drama's message for me just literally transcended the language barrier.

I really loved the character development, the pacing, the cinematography, the casting, the writing... everything about this drama is just wonderful. It gets to you at the right places. And I haven't felt dragged down in a spiral even while watching it raw. Every character is memorable and loveable. 

10/10 is my overall rating... I can't wait to marathon this drama with the subs~

I'm telling you guys, its not about the ratings that makes this a wonderful drama and its not just about having idols chosen to partake in it... its the substance and the execution are the most important factors this drama has given... Most KudoKan dramas succeed in ratings because they have idols like Okada Junichi (AramaJesus :D) and Nagase Tomoya or even Ninomiya Kazunari in it... this drama might not have idols starring in it but what matters most is that satisfying, warm and fuzzy feeling they leave you at the end of every episode and the whole series itself. This drama overall gave me that same feeling as I did watching Kisarazu Catseye and Tiger & Dragon. Kudos to everyone in team 11 nin! and To Kudo Kankuro-san for making another masterpiece. *hands down*

SUBS FOR EPISODE 3 ARE OUT NOW~ :3 will watch it later and be giving a review about it too~ lol! I haven't reviewed episode 3 & 4... lol! but I plan to do an overall review when all of the subs are out~ so that I can check if I got everything right. ;D
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cie_chancie_chan on December 19th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC)
uwaaa I didn't know Ghost!Mama was crying during the fire >.<
her voice is really cute, ne~? she can sing very well!

I'm still lol-ing at the honeymoon on bikes scenes xD I wonder where they went to haha
Kat: kamikikat_desu on December 19th, 2011 08:22 am (UTC)
I'm not sure but I can hear her~ :((
yep~ Ryoko is a singer too~ ♫

HAHA! THE HONEYMOON ON BIKES!!!! XD I totally didn't expect that~ I imagined them walking arm in arm.. lol! XD

nufufufu~~ they were soo cuuute~~~ KazuRa~~~♥