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19 December 2011 @ 01:15 pm
11 nin mo iru! Episode 9 FINALE part 1~  
11 nin mo iru! Epside 9 is the Final episode of the series...
This ending... I can't even... define perfection of a light & heart-warming family drama?! :D
KudoKan has yet again wrote another masterpiece~★


♥The episode started off with Kazuo studying for his retake exam at the university. (This is Chuo Dai... though I'm not sure if it was named in the drama. >_<' )
Sensei was there too... but he lost hope in thinking that Kazuo would be able to pass. lol! @drunk sensei... their exchanges are funny... and then Kazuo passed~ lol! they were literally throwing him in the air... sensei's reaction. XDDDDDD

♥Then Kazuo graduated... idg why sensei was wearing that outfit during the graduation ceremony. (I think he's impersonating someone... rofl!) and he went to the Sanada residence because Minoru gave him a copy of the graduation picture... and returned him his camera... because he got a new one... which is better than sensei's old one. This scene. XD

♥Timeskip to Spring and Mitsuko is now in highschool while Satsuki is now in Junior High (Satsuki got a letter form Takuro-kun, too!). Hiroyuki also started with his new job... and claims that he forgot how to do his necktie being unemployed for a long time. XD Soara-chan is nearing her term and we learn that their baby is a boy... and Kazuo and Saigo are missing at the breakfast table...

♥We find out why Kazuo is missing from the breakfast table... he is still sleeping since he came home late last night... (Saigo and Ghost!mama Megumi are watching him and they are disgusted. lol!) Actually he comes home late every night... and we get to see chara-o!Kazuo in action! (OMG! Ryu-bb was hilarious!!! HAHA! I knew he'd be a good chara-o! XDDDD)

♥Saigo and Ghost!Megumi gets a "heart-to-heart" discussion wherein Saigo declares to marry Megumi when he's 30 since she's eternally 30. (his imagination!!! LOL! 1/2 of Bananaman) XD He also tells her that he's no longer a virgin because he got to touch her oppai. This kid. XDDDDD

♥We get to see a very pregnant Soara-chan doing the chores while the electricity falters... so she asks Minoru to do something on the breaker...

♥The inspector(?) comes in and takes a look at the house and says that its really old.. he suggests to have it torned down/renovated(?). Saigo just got to see his future self! XDDD and Hiroyuki still hasn't moved out. XD

♥We get a Dynamic Papa SP (if I'm not mistaken... hoping for a 11 nin SP too~ I can't let this drama go yet~) wherein Dynamic Papa & Mama are in the hospital delivery room since she is giving birth already. The Sanada kids + Soara are watching anxiously (specially Soara-chan since she is due any moment too~) when the electricity faltered... Niko was asked by the kids to do something and she switches the breaker back on... when the electricity came back the Dynamic Papa SP is over. XD

♥That night Minoru & Living!Megumi are having discussion about the house... that if they tore down the house where would be the best place to move... Megumi suggests somewhere near the sea would be nice. They then ask Niko, Mitsuko & Satsuki what they think and Mitsuko says that she doesn't want to go anywhere because if they tore down the house Ghost!mama Megumi would disappear too... and Niko, Satsuki and Saigo agrees.

♥We then get to see where Kazuo is at... a goukon. lol! XD and he is being ask by one of the girls what he is doing at a goukon when he has a wife... and he answers he is there to make friends... the girl then tells him that college is not just about making friends and she tells him what she wanted to be and asks him what Kazuo is in college for... we then get to see Kazuo going home sad and in deep thought.

♥The next day he is at breakfast... at the toilet... blankly staring in to space... while his siblings are knocking the door. XDDD He is then shown to be bumming around reading manga... when Soara comes in with the laudry... he stares at her... and sits up and asks himself... "What am I doing?" He is then shown at the gasoline stand, working, as Sam visits him... He tries to avoid Sam but fails. 

♥That night the kids, Minoru & Living!Megumi are discussing what to name Kazuo's and Soara's son. XD Soara comes down from upstairs and tells everyone she saw a "College/University withdrawal form" in Kazuo's pocket. They then wonder where he is and Ghost!mama Megumi tells Saigo she knows where... at the gay bar with the store manager announcing the return of Pony-kun... Pony enthusiastically says "Tadaima" XD... but a very stern-looking Soara and Saigo are there to take him home.

♥They then have an emergency family meeting (Minoru calls him Pony. XDD) and Kazuo tells the reason why he has withdrawn from uni (fast talking Kazuo once again)... Soara gets fed up and throws the table... she calls Kazuo "otousan" angrily and goes in to labor. Good thing Usagi-chan is there because she is a former mid-wife(?) and aids Soara in giving birth since its too late to rush her to the hospital. Everyone panics while Kazuo is being asked by Soara to stay away from her. lol!

♥Hiroyuki comes home with his company's product... NuBra. XD (he tells Niko and Mitsuko to give it a try but they think its disgusting... Satsuki takes it. XD) XD and Soara's father comes together with Sam... they were panicking outside. Kazuo comes in and checks on Soara and he was thrown a towel. XD Usagi-chan tells them that Soara is hungry and the boys were all making rice balls outside.

♥Kazuo is being called back upstairs as Soara's giving birth... He joins Usagi-chan and Living!Megumi... and panics... XD "Soara! Okasan! Usagi-chan!" XDDD the three tells him to shut up. "Urusai!" XD Saigo is praying for the baby's health outside.. and Ghost!Megumi tells him that she will not be marrying him but she will always be by his side. We then get to hear the baby's cry.

Ok.. so end of part one... lol! I was traumatized by LJ that this might be a posting error again because its image heavy. XDDD
Part 2 is right HERE
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cie_chancie_chan on December 19th, 2011 07:30 am (UTC)
BWAHAHAH "hey hey! daijobou?!" xD

and I love the delivery scene! Everyone panicking and making a mess (accidentally dropping the huge amount of water LOL)

seeing soara doing the laundry was awww for me :) she really looked like a wife/mother while doing it ^^

"It's Kazuo"
haha priceless
Kat: kamikikat_desu on December 19th, 2011 08:20 am (UTC)

me too! everyone was totally panicking while Soara was giving birth. lol! she threw a towel at Kazuo! BWAHAHAHA!!! Ryu-bb's various expressions in this episode is ♥.

yeah~ that was "awww~" seeing that made Kazuo rethink of what he himself has been doing. XD